Mission: To provide patient-centred high quality optimised virology service, aiming for excellent user satisfaction


We offer a comprehensive COVID19 / SARS-COV2
diagnostic service


With the exception of HIV Viral Loads, all
specimens can be stored, in appropriate
containers, in the fridge for up to 24 hours
if transportation to the laboratory is not


SARS-COV2 / COVID19 screening programme
is being offered to our patients and staff
as per national and local policy


Ours Labs provide specialist services to
South Yorkshire, Chesterfield and Derby


Both HBV and HCV PCR tests
are done on Clotted blood samples
using same bottles as used for U&E


Our Weekday Laboratory Hours are 8am to 8pm;
Between 5pm and 8pm only a limited service is provided


Virology lab staff can be contacted in the evenings
between 5pm to 8pm on bleep NGH 2161


Our laboratory also provides services to the private sector
Contact our Business Team on ext 14777 Option 4


Virology specimens can take a considerable
length of time to process.

To get the most out of our service, samples
should be delivered well before the end of a
normal working day, ideally before 19.00 hrs


Our labs can process certain tests urgently.
All such requests should be directed to
Medical Virologists ext 66477 Option 1, 1


GPs, SCH and External Users:
To add tests to samples already received in the lab, ring 14777 and
choose Option 5


We can create special ordersets for your team on ICE?
Email ITServiceDesk with details

You may encounter delays in getting through to us. Where possible please get information from our Lab Handbook available via an NHS computer by clicking this link