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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Directorate of Laboratory Medicine
Department: Virology
Section: General Protocol

Procedure No. VIGP017
Revision No. 1.5

A guide to the use of the Virology Laboratory NGH.

For further information on any test please use the online handbook analyte search facility.

Virology Samples.

Specimens must be either accompanied by an appropriate Virology Request form or be labelled with the appropriate ICE ward order label. The specimen MUST also be labelled in compliance with laboratory Medicine Minimum Acceptance Criteria.

All Samples MUST be labelle with First Name, Surname, DOB and Hospital Number/NHS Number.

N.B. the use of Hospital Addressograph or Addressograph size labels on blood samples is prohibited.

All Samples MUST be completed with First Name, Surname, DOB, sex, Hospital Number/NHS number, Consultant/GP, Location, requesting physician (please include a bleep or relevant ward telephone number) and relevant cinical details including onset date, diagnosis and if a contact, the nature and length of contact.

Please help us to help you by providing all relevant clinical details and where appropriate travel history.

Failure to comply with above requirements will result in samples not being analysed.

Please Contact Laboratory if urgent tests are required as

Chlamydia and GC screening Sample collection kits & Virology, Viral and bacterial Serology, Molecular Virology and Direct antigen detection Sample collection devices

Urine: 3ml first void in Hologic APTIMA COMBO 2 Urine SCD kit alternatively a plain sterile universal may be used but the sample must then be refrigerated if not received in the laboratory within 4 hours – Do not use boric acid containers)

Swabs: Hologic APTIMA COMBO 2 Unisex Swab SCD kit or APTIMA Vaginal Swab Collection Kit.

All Chlamydia specimen collection devices are available from NGH Virology, NGH/RHH Materials Management, and STH GP supplies

Guidance on Virology, Serology Investigations & Additional Molecular Tests

Relevant Clinical Information and date of onset MUST always be stated on the request form. For some serological assays paired sera (acute and convalescent) are required.

The actual number and type of assays performed on each sample is dependent upon the clinical details given on the request form.

Laboratory MUST be contacted PRIOR to sending urgent requests.

Guidance on Specimen Collection for Virological and Serological Investigations.

Guide to Schedule of testing

Due to the nature of virology investigations, the majority of assays are batch based. Most Assays are performed daily or as required.

Frequency of testing does not equate to actual turnaround times.
For stated turnaround times refer to specific analytes in on line handbook search facility.

For further information on any test please contact laboratory (ext. 14777) or use the online handbook analyte search facility.